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Hola! Kaho'okahileioaloha here! Blah blah blah other random bull crap. This is my journal of sorts! Yep.... Kep shootz.

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Bloom (Disney Remix)   I know Ive posted this before, but its that good!


pogo - 

Expialidocious (Disney Remix)


Good Evening world of wordpress (see what I did there?),

It’s currently right before my shower as I write this post. I’ve been browsing through youtube for a long time today (I’ll admit I’m procrastinating). So I watched two videos that really picked my…

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School Problems #3

Buenos Dias (i think thats how you say it)~

It’s been a few days hasnt it? Anyways, I’m back talking about college. Woohooo…..yaaaay? Well, I’ll tell you more about me. I start school again in August and I will be an incoming junior. Yes, I’m looking at…

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Beautiful “Fan-Art” by Sarurunkamui feat. Pokemon and Okami

Sarurunkamui brings a new meaning to the word fan art with her Okami and Pokemon pieces. Something about putting Amaterasu on a japanese paper fan just seems so right. Check out more fan art, as well as her other masterpieces on her deviantart, or purchase some of her art from her etsy. Hope to see more of this particular kind of fan art in the future.

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Randomest Thoughts Ever

Good Evening All~

So this is BEFORE the shower, whaat? Yeah but you didnt really need to know that. ANYWAYS! Today is about reading. If you couldn’t tell, reading and writing are my favorite things to do. Hence, the usage of WordPress. My thing is, why…

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praise the lord it’s back

this is the best thing ive ever seen


(Source: videohall, via hidemyblogfrommymom)

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